Online Bingo Canada:

Features online bingo rooms that accept players from Canada and offers responsive customer service and fast payouts to all provinces in Canada.

Bingo Canada

Bingo Canada - This is the most popular bingo site and is designed exclusively for Canadians. If you want to play and shout bingo while meeting someone who could possibly be living down the street from you this is an excellent option.

They have huge jackpots that are waiting to be won and they have great promotions to welcome you on board. The community here is really what sets this place apart. They have players from all major Canadian cities. We've chatted with new found friends from Edmonton, Vancouver, Kelowna, Oakville, Winnipeg, Montreal, the list is too long to list.

This is the best room for the great chat rooms and the large prizes.

Bingo Halls

Bingo Hall - One of the oldest and most recognized bingo sites. Bingo Hall offers a fun and interactive gaming experience. There's always a lot of players here. You can choose to play slots on the side if you get bored of the bingo. They do try to keep things interesting.

They have a huge sign up bonus to get you started and to keep you playing they keep on giving the bonuses. 

There's over 300 unique online bingo games here so it will be difficult to want to play elsewhere.

Vic's Bingo - This is an exciting online bingo community. You can chat with other players all while playing 75 or 90 ball bingo. There's players from all over the world with a lot of players from Canada especially Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. For some reason a nice number of players from the Martimes too.

This site is really fun and what keeps us coming back has to be the chat rooms we have met so many great people. 

Best of all they pay out winnings fast..


South Beach Bingo

South Beach Bingo - If you get sick of the snow and the long winters than this is a great option. It's like playing bingo on the beach... well as close to the beach as you can get on a computer. They have large jackpots that are waiting to be won and that are won every week. 

They of course offer fully interactive chat rooms combined with 24 hours a day 7 days a week customer support. The slots have 1 to 5 line payouts.

Winnings are always paid out promptly.